Oklahoma City Slab Leak Repair

If you think you may have a leak in your slab, then it is very important that you have it immediately checked by a professional plumber. A leak in a concrete slab can be a very dangerous situation, whether it is concerning a house or a business.

When you are in the Oklahoma City area, there is a really great reliable plumbing service that you can count on to take care of a slab leak; Hull Plumbing. Having been in business since 1998, they make Oklahoma City Slab Leak Repair as easy and painless as possible. Servicing residential and commercial clients, Hull Plumbing is "Oklahoma City plumbing done right. Period"!

How do you know if you have a leak in under your slab? There are a few warning signs. If you notice puddles in the yard that don't seem to go away, notice larger than normal water bills or loss of water pressure or if there has been an earthquake, it is time to get a professional plumber.

Slab Leak Repair Services in Oklahoma City

Though an earthquake is not a normal occurrence in Oklahoma City, it is entirely possible. In the case of one, you need to have all of your pipes, especially those under a slab, inspected. If the is a leak under the slab and it is not repaired, it can cause major damage. It is imperative to have the water supply disconnected and the pipes immediately inspected.

If your situation is not as dire and it is just a leaky pipe, it is also still important to get it repaired as soon as possible. If it does not get fixed, it could gets worse and can even cause a sinkhole situation. (In a case of a situation like that, it is possible for an entire business to actually sink into the ground!)

At the very least, with a slab leak repair, you will notice lower water bills. So don't put off Oklahoma City Slab Leak Repair any longer; contact Hull Plumbing and let their specially trained technicians take care of your problem with speed and efficiency. You can call or send an online inquiry and a representative will do everything possible to help get your slab leak repaired quickly.