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Oklahoma City Burst Pipe Repair

Rapid Repairs to Reduce Water Damage in Your Home

Burst pipes can cause a huge mess in the home and this can be a headache for any homeowner. The cleanup from burst pipes can take much time and effort, but repairs can be conducted in a timely manner. Hull Plumbing offers burst pipe repair in Oklahoma City and we are confident that our services are the best around.

Burst pipes are quite common in areas where temperatures drop significantly in the winter. This plumbing issue is caused by water freezing in the pipes and expanding until the pipes breaks. Pipes that are located in areas like unheated garages or next to cold exterior walls burst more often than others. When this happens, repairs to the pipes need to be performed quickly so that water can flow freely in the home again.

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How We Respond to Burst Pipe Emergencies

When one of your pipes has suddenly burst, remember to shut off the water main to the house to minimize water damage. Make a phone call to our service department so we can dispatch a plumbing professional right away to assess the damaged pipes.

When a technician comes to the home for a burst pipe, the pipe is looked at first to see if it can be repaired. Some burst pipes only sustain a small amount of damage and they can be repaired with compounds that adhere to the piping. These substances can seal the burst area of the pipe after the material hardens completely.

When substantial pipe damage is detected though, a new piece of pipe must be used to replace the damaged one. This replacement can be completed by one of our highly trained plumbers by measuring the piping and determining the pipe material. Once the correct piping is determined, a new pipe is acquired from the plumbing truck. Our technicians are always prepared and they will have all of the tools and materials they need with them. Piping is secured to the undamaged pipe areas and the entire water system is tested to make sure there are no leaks or other plumbing problems.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes

Once your burst pipe repair is complete, we advise you on how to keep pipes from becoming a problem in the future.

Some precautions can be taken to keep pipes working great, such as:

  • Before winter, make sure to drain and keep outdoor hoses inside your home or shed.

  • Insulate exposed pipes and hose bibs.

  • During the winter, let your faucet trickle to keep the water flowing instead of freezing.

  • Consider keeping your heater turned on even when you leave the house.

  • Open cabinet and bathroom doors to let warm air from your heater in.

We can also look at home water systems to come up with a good maintenance plan that is customized to your unique situation.

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