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Do you need to install new faucets? Hiring a professional service will guarantee that your faucet installation will be done correctly. If you are replacing a faucet, your service team can also safely remove your old faucet and take care of the disposal. For all your faucet needs, contact Hull Plumbing. We provide efficient faucet services, from repairs to replacements and new installations. Our team knows that you rely on your faucets round the clock, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure you have a properly working faucet at all times.

As Oklahoma City’s trusted plumbers for over two decades, we also offer you the benefit of professional courtesy and experience. You can count on our team to complete the job to your satisfaction. We may even offer a new idea you may not have thought of for your faucet installation.

Give us a call at (405) 293-5126. Our team is looking forward to helping you with all your faucet needs.

Common Faucet Problems

If you have any problems with the faucets in your bathroom or kitchen, a repair may be necessary. Get in touch with our local plumbers right away. We have seen and fixed practically every faucet issue imaginable throughout our decades of service.

Take a look at some of the most common faucet issues we tackle:

  • Leaking faucets- A faucet that continuously leaks likely has a bad seal. The seal is typically made by the use on an O-ring in the mechanism that is used to turn the water on and off.

  • Rust and general wear and tear- If you see corrosion on the faucet itself, it won’t take long before you notice discoloration and other problems with the quality of your water.

  • Excessive noise- If your faucet is whistling or creating other odd noises, it may be due to a loose washer. Let our team take a look at it so we can find and fix the root cause of the problem.

  • Low water pressure- This problem is usually caused by clogs in your faucet’s aerator. Other causes include clogs and cracks in the pipeline. Call a professional plumber to determine the cause and have the problem fixed right away.

In case you have a major leak with the faucet that is on one or more sinks, remember to turn off your main water valve. Once you have the water turned off, call Hull Plumbing day or night to assess the problem and offer a solution that will meet your needs.

Servicing & Installing Industry-Leading Faucet Brands

Hull Plumbing carries all major brands of faucets. When your faucets are beyond repair, we can install the same brand and design. We always have a fully stocked truck with us so you don’t have to wait for the hardware stores to open just to get the right faucet make or model for your home.

Need to repair, upgrade, or relocate your faucets? Call (405) 246-9763 for proper faucet installation and repair in Oklahoma City.

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