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Efficient Sewer Line Cleaning & Repair

A sewer line clog or broken line can cause serious problems in your home. Although most sewer line issues are not easily detected, any problem with a sewer line should be addressed immediately for the health and safety of your family. Hull Plumbing provides reliable sewer line services in Oklahoma City and surrounding communities.

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Detecting Sewer Line Problems

Sewer lines can be damaged due to several reasons. However, one of the most common causes of a broken or clogged sewer is tree roots infiltration. Tree roots are attracted to water and often grow in the direction of sewer lines. The roots may grow into small cracks in the line, eventually causing it to break. Other causes include a sewer line that becomes deteriorated over time or breaks due to the ground shifting beneath the pipe.

Fortunately, Hull Plumbing offers a broad range of sewer line services including:

  • Video inspection of sewer lines- With the use of a tiny camera that is inserted in the pipes, we can determine the exact location of the breaks or clogs in the pipeline in a more precise and swift manner.

  • Sewer line repair- Traditional sewer line methods would require the excavation of your property. Fortunately, our team will provide you with the most efficient services to address your sewer line-related concerns. We will conduct the needed repairs and the downtime will not go longer than necessary.

  • Sewer line replacement- Whether you only need to replace some of your pipes or the whole sewer line, count on our Oklahoma City plumbers to minimize the damage and cost of your sewer line replacement.

  • New sewer line installation- For newly constructed buildings and additions, our expert team is the best plumbing contractors for building sewer lines from the ground up. We can help you every step of the way, from choosing the right pipe materials to ensuring proper installation.

Our Oklahoma City sewer line repair plumbers use advanced technology and minimally invasive methods for sewer line services. When new pipes need to be installed, we replace the lines through the old sewer lines. We insert the new pipes directly into the old, damaged pipes, breaking the original line as we move. This process is all done underground, allowing us to replace the damaged pipe without excavation. A clear, flexible liner is also inserted into the pipe, which hardens within a few hours. This method creates no joints, so roots won’t grow into the new line.

Clearing Clogged Sewer Drains

For blocked drains, our Oklahoma City sewer line repair experts use state-of-the-art equipment to find and remove tree roots and other debris that is clogging the line. Video camera inspection equipment is used to identify the problems in the sewer line without digging up your entire yard. We then utilize high-pressure jet cleaning to wash away all stubborn clogs and scour your sewer lines thoroughly. This method can also be done as part of your sewer line maintenance.

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