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Dependable Water Heater Repair in Edmond, OK

Your water heater works round the clock to make your life better. It keeps your shower and bath water at the desired temperature and provides enough hot water to keep your clothes and house clean. But due to this constant usage, you can find yourself in that unpleasant situation where you have no hot water. Fortunately, Hull Plumbing provides expert water heater repair in Edmond, OK. We repair water heaters of all sizes, makes, and models.

Importance of Professional Water Heater Services

Professional repair minimizes your risk of needing untimely water heater replacement. Also, professional services help you keep your unit in tip-top shape. This also helps make sure that your water heater runs efficiently, resulting in a constant hot water supply. Although most water heaters can last up to 12 years, you can prolong the productive life of your unit with professional services. In addition, seeking professional service leads to lower energy and water bills, saving you money in the long run.

Most Common Water Heater Issues

Even with proper water heater maintenance, your unit can experience problems from time to time. Some of these issues may need basic repairs, while others may necessitate a complete replacement. Some of the common issues that can reduce the efficiency of your water heater include:

  • Leaks around the unit

  • Thermostat issues

  • Problems with pilot light or ignition

  • Broken or worn-out internal components

  • Worn-out anode rod

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair or Replacement

When water heaters approach the end of their lifetime, they tend to break down gradually. But before they completely fail, they give off signs indicating they need extra attention. Contact a plumber in Edmond, OK, if you notice:

  • Rusty water

  • Changing water temperature

  • Leaks around the tank

  • Bad-tasting water

  • No hot water

  • Strange sounds during operation

  • Inadequate hot water

  • System taking longer than usual to heat water

  • High energy bills

Our Repair Process

When you contact Hull Plumbing for water heater repair, we’ll respond quickly to your service call. We’ll inspect your unit to diagnose the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution. You can count on us to use professional-grade equipment and conduct thorough inspections after repair to ensure everything works as intended.

If you need a new water heater, we can help you find the type of unit that will best meet your needs and fit your budget. If you’d want to learn more about a tankless water heater, our specialists will gladly answer your questions. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will offer high-quality installation. When done, we’ll clean up and dispose of any waste safely.

Reasons to Choose Us

Choosing Hull Plumbing for your water heater installation, repair, and maintenance needs means working with a reliable plumbing contractor who’s up-to-date on the latest plumbing technology and techniques. We have been serving Edmond, OK, and the neighboring areas since 1998, so we have garnered enough experience to meet all your needs.

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