Water Heater Repair

Expert Water Heater Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Your water heater is one of the widely used appliances in your home. Between showers, cooking, and cleaning dishes and laundry, your water heater gets a lot of use. For this reason, you'll probably, at some point, need water heater repair in Oklahoma City, OK. When that time comes, Hull Plumbing has your back. With 20+ years of experience, we have seen and addressed all water heater problems imaginable, so you can count on our team to get your water heater up and running efficiently in no time.

Common Water Heater Issues

With regular water heater maintenance, your water heater can last for many years. However, even properly maintained systems face problems from time to time. Some of the common issues that may force you to get water heater repair include:

  • Worn-out anode rod

  • Leaks from the tank, pressure relief valve, or connecting pipes

  • Thermostat malfunctions

  • Issues with pilot light or ignition

  • Damaged or worn-out internal components

Importance of Professional Water Heater Services

When you put your trust in Hull Plumbing, rest assured that we will put our years of experience as a top plumber in Oklahoma City, OK,  into ensuring the reliable and efficient use of your damaged water heater. Getting your water heater professionally repaired will keep minor problems from turning into anything serious down the road. In addition, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with learning that the job got completed per manufacturer guidelines and local safety codes, therefore protecting its warranty.

Signs of Water Heater Problems

In most cases, your water heater will give you signs that it needs some attention before it conks out completely. Contact us as soon as possible if you notice:

  • Uneven water temperatures

  • No hot water

  • Insufficient hot water

  • Leaks around the unit

  • Unusual sounds during its operation

  • High energy bills

  • Unit taking longer than expected to heat up

  • Smelly or bad-tasting water

  • Discolored water

What the Process Is Like

A plumber from our team will get there quickly, examine your traditional or tankless water heater, and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective solution. We'll help you understand the problem and your available options so you can make a sound decision. We'll make the repair process more efficient and hassle-free for you. Best of all, with our water heater repair service, you won't have to worry about future issues- we'll get it right the first time!

If water heater replacement is the best option, we'll help you find the best new unit for your home. We'll install your new water heater professionally and test it before leaving to be sure that it's working at peak performance. We won't leave until you're 100% satisfied. When done, we'll clean the working area and remove any waste from your property for proper disposal.

Entrust Your Water Heater Needs to Our Crew

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Hull Plumbing for water heater installation and repair needs:

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  • 24/7 emergency services

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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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