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When your water heater breaks down, it can feel like an absolute disaster. No hot showers, no hot water for cooking or cleaning, and the looming threat of repair costs can all interrupt your routine and cause you a great deal of stress. That’s why our Oklahoma City team is always ready to handle any water heater emergency you encounter with prompt, reliable, and cost-effective water heater repair solutions that will have you enjoying hot water again in no time.

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With over 20 years of service under our belt, we have a lot of experience dealing with every water heater issue there is. Our team has all the skills, knowledge, and training necessary to get your water heater operating at maximum efficiency and extend its lifespan without making a mess or risking your safety. Don’t resort to dangerous and ineffective DIY repairs when our professional-grade solutions are just a phone call away!

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

In our years of service, we’ve seen just about every issue that could be causing your water heater to malfunction. Here are just a few of the common issues our team is always equipped with the skills and equipment to handle:

  • Cold flashes of water: If during your hot shower you're getting small instances of cold water, then call in our Oklahoma City water heater repair team. There's most likely a crack in your dip tube that brings cold water into your unit and incoming cold water is mixing with outgoing hot water.

  • Strange noises: If you're hearing snapping, or popping then you likely have sediment build-up happening in your tank water heater. It's not a sign of a dying unit, but it does need a good cleaning.

  • Water is lukewarm: This could be happening because of a few reasons. If this a normal occurrence and your water heater is in a cold part of the house, it might not be insulated properly. Because of this the water could get chilled before it reaches you. If this is a new phenomenon, this could also be an indication that your heating element has stopped working properly. Either way, call in our Oklahoma City water heater repair specialists and we'll get your hot water back.

  • Low water pressure: If you're experiencing low water pressure across the board, you might want to consider installing a water softener. But if only your hot water has this low water pressure then you likely have sediment build-up in your unit and your hot water is "hard" and heavier, thus it'll come about slower.

  • Discolored water coming from your taps: The water coming into your home should be clean and clear, but a faulty water heater can cause the water to turn rust-colored or brownish. This is typically caused by sediment build up in the tank, and can be cleared out by a professional.

Water Heater Repair Vs. Replacement

When your water heater breaks down you have two options. You could either replace the unit outright or opt for water heater repair. The best path depends on the age and current problem your water heater is having. You should consider replacement if any of the following apply.

1. Your water heater is old - Traditional tank water heaters usually last 10-12 years while tankless can go for up to 20. If your unit is older than its respective lifespan, don't sink more money into repair.

2. You need repair after repair - Our Oklahoma City water heater repair experts will always be happy to be in to get your hot water back. But if you're starting to get to know them by name then you'll save more money with replacement.

3. You hear loud rumbling or grinding sounds - Not all sounds are bad, but if you're hearing a loud rumbling or grinding sound then your unit could be on its last legs.

4. Your tank is damaged - If some of your other pieces are leaking or corroding then water heater repair can get you back to normal. But if your tank is leaking or corroding then it'll cost more to fix the tank than to replace it.

We Repair Tankless Models Too!

Modern tankless water heaters are more effective and cost-efficient than their conventional counterparts, and you may already have one installed in your home or business. Our Oklahoma City team is fully equipped to handle any issue you may be having with these systems with the same great level of service and workmanship that our customers have come to expect from us.

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