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Clogged Pipe? Slow Drain?


So-called ‘flushable’ baby wipes, feminine products, cooking fats and oils are the most common causes of clogged drains. Flushable wipes can easily catch on jagged edges inside the drainage system and quickly create a build-up that will create a slow drain or even worse, a clogged drain.

Tree Roots In Your Sewer Lines?

Trees can also be a frequent cause of a blocked or slow drain. Their roots can spread, bearing downwards and applying pressure directly into and onto pipes, penetrating the smallest cracks or failed seals. Over time, the pipe may fracture and break leading to leakage of unpleasant contents to the surface. It can even lead to soil contamination.

No Fat Please

Pouring oil and fat down the kitchen sink seems harmless but fatty substances like shortening, lard and pork grease only flow easily when they are heated. As the liquid fat mixture starts to cool, it hardens and starts to build up. Before you know it there’s a block of cold, congealed fat through which nothing can pass. You then have a blocked drain or a slow drain.

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