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Water heaters are some of the most important appliances out there, providing us with the hot water we need to clean and cook. Although most of us often forget about our water heaters once they’re installed, the fact is that they require just as much regular attention as your other appliances to keep them functioning effectively and efficiently. Our specialists offer a full range of water heater services in Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas designed to help you get the most out of your water heater, resolving crucial problems and extending your unit’s lifespan. We can handle everything your water heater needs, from regular maintenance to major repairs and replacements.

We have everything your water heater needs to keep providing you with essential heated water. Contact us online or call (405) 293-5126 today to learn more! We serve:

Spot the Signs of Imminent Failure

Don’t wait until you’re stuck taking cold showers to call us – these early warning signs can let you know your water heater needs professional attention ASAP.

  • Low water pressure

  • Lukewarm water

  • Rusty water

  • Cold flashes

  • You’ve had the same water heater for over 10 years

  • Loud clanging noises

  • Puddles of water forming around the base of your unit

We Install, Repair, and Maintain Tankless Water Heaters

We offer our Oklahoma City customers the latest in modern conveniences, and that includes tankless water heaters. These units are more energy-efficient and can save you quite a bit on utility costs. Plus, they can keep providing you with heated water for up to 20 years – that’s twice the lifespan of a conventional water heater.

Contact our team today to find out if a tankless water heater is right for you, or to schedule a service from a plumber in Oklahoma City, OK, and nearby areas for your existing tankless water heater!

Quality Repairs from Trained Professionals

Water heater problems can have many causes, such as a malfunctioning thermocouple or heating element. To ensure your safety, it is best to have a professional plumber perform the repair on your water heater. Our licensed, professional plumbers ensure proper water heater installation according to all applicable building codes and we even take the extra steps to ensure your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters

At Hull Plumbing, we have been working on water heaters for over 20 years. With this experience, we know virtually everything about them. Nonetheless, we also understand that the average homeowner doesn’t know much about water heaters. For this reason, we have reviewed some of the frequently asked questions about water heaters. Read on to find the answers.

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Whether you need water heater repair, or a new conventional or tankless water heater installed, you can rely on the professionals at Hull Plumbing for industry-leading water heater services in Oklahoma City. Fill out our online contact form or call (405) 293-5126 today to schedule a service! We provide:

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