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Stop Damage Before It Has the Chance to Spread

Leaking pipes can cause serious structural damage and flooding and cost you a hefty fee in wasted water. Even the smallest leak can become a huge problem if left unaddressed, but it can be hard to see the signs of damage when your pipes are hidden out of sight. That’s why we offer our Oklahoma City customers professional leak detection services designed to spot leaks early and stop the spread of damage, saving you valuable time money, and peace of mind.

Spot the Warning Signs For Leak Detection

Spotting the signs of a leaking pipe early is crucial to preventing damage and saving money on potentially wasted water. If you have any suspicions that there may be a leak in your pipes, contact our team immediately for a thorough inspection, on-the-spot diagnosis, and customized solution.

Your Pipes May Be Leaking if You’re Experiencing Problems Like These:

  • High water bills - If you have a water bill that's through the roof but you haven't changed your water consumption, it could be because there's a leak that's using more water than you think.
  • Mold and mildew - If your leak goes unnoticed in a part of the home that doesn't have good ventilation then it's the perfect recipe for mold and mildew growth. Act quickly and call in our experts in Oklahoma City leak detection because a small mold problem can worsen quickly.
  • Dark spots on walls, floors, or ceilings - If you're lucky the leak will be strong enough to produce a visible water stain in your line of sight.
  • Strange, musty odors - If there's mold or mildew growth on the inside of your wall, then you won't be able to see it. If you smell the musky smell of mold or mildew, trust your instincts and call in our leak detection professionals.
  • Cracks in your foundation - New cracks anywhere should always be carefully considered and scrutinized because it means that there's pressure somewhere where there shouldn't be, likely from a leak.

When you notice the signs that a leak may be present in your home’s plumbing system, call (405) 246-9763 right away, and we’ll send our expert leak detection plumbers to asses your pipes and find any hidden flaws! We’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs!

Tips to Prevent Leaking Pipes

From a maintenance point of view, it is much easier to prevent leaks from happening (especially slab leaks) than having to deal with the cost and stressful aftermath of the substantial damage to your home that a plumbing leak can cause. That’s why being proactive with your plumbing is so important. Don’t be daunted by these DIY tasks if you aren’t used to dealing with your plumbing. These tasks are easy to learn and go a long way to prevent leaks and keep costs down. Here is what you need to know:

  • Get Water Pressure Under Control: You probably enjoy the high-powered spray that your shower delivers, along with the ease of filling the sink to do dishes or filling the pot for cooking. However, that same force is doing serious damage to your pipes. It’s battering them and wearing them down. Check your water pressure. If it is anything higher than 60 psi, you need a pressure regulator to bring and keep it down at a manageable level (ideally under 50 psi).
  • Find Leaks First: If you’ve got a flood in your Oklahoma City, OK home, coming from a pipe, chances are that you are tuned in to the fact that you’ve got a leak. How can you find leaks otherwise? Start by checking all exposed pipes in your home, particularly in the basement and crawl spaces. Look at the flooring around water-using appliances and look for pooling water and signs of water damage in the past. Make sure to pull them out from the wall and check the hoses. Also, check all your plumbing fixtures for leaks.
  • Don't Use Commercial Drain Cleaners: You’ve got a clogged drain. What are you going to do? Whatever you do, don’t use a commercial clog remover. While you may have success at the moment to remove the clog, the same acid that breaks it up is also attacking your pipes. Over time, your pipes will crack and break, causing leaks. Use a plumbing snake instead. For really stubborn clogs, call your plumber for hydro-jetting service. It’s also a good idea to get your drains cleaned by your plumber on a regular basis so that clogs won’t even have a chance to form.
  • Avoid Corroded Pipes: Corrosion is your plumbing’s enemy, and you should do everything that you can to slow its process. If you’ve got copper pipes, it’s wise to upgrade to PVC, because it is more rust-resistant. Check your PH balance, because if it is out of whack, that will have a negative impact too. If it’s imbalanced, get a water softener installed. Don’t put off leak prevention. There is significant upside to keeping them from developing into a bigger problem.

Fast, Effective Repairs

After a leak has been found, the most important thing is getting it fixed right away. Our skilled, experienced technicians arrive at every job with all the tools and equipment they need to fix leaks on the spot, so you won’t have to worry about further damages. We’ll get the job done cleanly and efficiently to protect your home from leaks without leaving a mess behind. Plus, we only utilize professional-grade materials and methods to get you the most long-lasting solutions available.

Prevent Leaks with Our Comprehensive Inspection Services

We offer comprehensive plumbing inspection services for your home or business to regularly check for any weak spots or flaws that may develop into leaks. Plus, we’ll make sure your entire system is working as efficiently as possible, and let you know what kind of maintenance you’ll need to keep everything running smoothly.

Contact us online or call our office at (405) 246-9763 today to learn more about our Oklahoma City leak detection services and how they can help you protect your home or business!

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