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Reasons to Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaners


When it comes to maintaining your home, there are many things that you need to watch out for. Whether the roof begins to leak, the foundation begins to crack, or something electrical goes on the fritz–you are on the hook. These issues are all very physical and observable, but what about preventing future problems? Most people don’t know that they have a problem with their plumbing until it’s too late, but there are many ways to avoid these problems in the first place. One of the first steps a homeowner can take is to avoid using any sort of chemical drain cleaner to dissolve clogs. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

The biggest reason, in terms of financial culpability, to avoid chemical cleaners is because they can do more damage than you realize in the long run. Chemical cleaning supplies can ruin the finish on your fixtures as well as slowly corrode pipes over time. The reason that these cleaners are so terrible on your pipes is because they have hydrochloric acid in them. Not good, right? This attack on your fixtures can lead to pitting, corroding, and eventually gaping holes in the future that lead to more and more leaking problems. This is definitely something you want to avoid.

As if the consequences of using a chemical cleaner weren’t enough, they are also terrible for the environment. When you toss out the container that held all of your chemical cleaners, it will eventually find its way to the nearest landfill. Once at this landfill the container will leak all of the residual chemical contaminants straight into the soil. This eventually ends up back in the water supply of nearby lakes or rivers and will end up causing irreparable harm to the wildlife.

And despite all of these negatives you would hope that the cleaner would at least clean the initial clog out, right? Well, you might be hoping in vain. Chemical cleaners are no sure thing to dissolve the type of clogs that routinely occur in tight fitting drains. In fact, a chemical cleaner might not do anything at all! Having proper maintenance conducted in your drains is the best way to keep them working.

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