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Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


How Can a Plumber Help?

What is that foul smell coming up from the garbage disposal? Honestly, you might not even be able to figure out the actual cause. Likely, there is a partial clog in the pipe or a lot of matter stuck down there. Calling in a plumber might very well be a smart way to work on getting rid of the stench.

  • A plumber could clear out the clog through using a rooter that will break up and free the pipes of all their obstructions.
  • A plumber can help, but you have to do your part as well.
  • Keep Certain Things Out of the Garbage Disposal
  • Your garbage disposal can handle a lot of tasks, but this does not mean that anything and everything should be poured or dropped into it.

There are certain things you should never, ever pour down the drain. Doing so is only going to lead to the kitchen, if not the entire house, suffering from the presence of very foul smells. One of the worst things to pour down a drain is cooking oil. While you might not dump a huge amount of it, washing the oil out of a frying pan each down the drain each and every time you wash the pan is going to lead to a huge collection of the oil sticking to the pipes. Oil, butter, and other greases and fats are organic materials. This means they are going to slowly break down over time.

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As the matter breaks down and the bacteria grows, the odor is going to become fouler and fouler. No matter how often you run the disposal and wash water down it, you are not going to be able to get rid of all the materials. From this, an awful odor will emerge.

Other organic items such as raw meat, egg shells, refuse discarded from chicken or fish, and even certain dairy items are best not sent down the disposal. They will lead to really gross smells coming up the drain and, possibly, could contribute to pests showing up in the kitchen.

If you wish to get keep smells out of the garbage disposal, do your best to keep things that smell out of it.

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