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It’s Time to Go Low Flow

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Water conservation has long been a concern for national organizations as populations increase and natural resources continue to disappear. Adding to the concerns is the rising cost of utilities as homeowners look for methods to reduce the use of water without having to alter the quality of lifestyle.

Today’s technology has developed some of the most effective designs for saving water using the low flow products such as faucets, toilets and shower heads. Based on the average household thousands of gallons of water per year can be saved.

There’s a misconception that low flow products mean less water and pressure. It’s not true. Today’s designs use low flow aerators that allow the water to be pushed through at a steady rate of flow, while conserving water. Low flow rates are 2.5 gallons per minute compared to 5 gallons per minute without the aerator.


Typically, faucets are built with these water saving devices or they can added on to the end of an existing faucet. They work by adding air into the water stream, giving the same sensation of water flow using less.

In some cases, these new devices can save up to 50% of water use, and reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the water – adding a substantial savings to the monthly utility bills.


Besides getting a new toilet, low flow toilets have improved designs to do the work with less water, ultimately saving about 30% on the water bill. The reason, older toilets use 3-7 gallons of water per flush, compared to the 1.3 gallons used by a low flow toilet.

Depending on the tank size and model that’s more than a third less water for flushing. It’s always a good idea to speak with a professional when considering a low flow toilet. They’re knowledgeable with current market options and models, more important, they can help with the best fit and quality for the home.

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The new generations of low flow showerheads ensure a powerful spray without having to sacrifice luxury of good shower. Past designs of showerheads were dispensing 5-8 gallons of water a minute.

Today, low flow showerheads are dispensing 2-2.5 gallons of water per minute, without changing the water’s scatter pattern. Besides the water savings of 40% or more, the new models are designed to fit into any bathroom style from traditional, contemporary or modern.

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