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3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet


When you flush that toilet and see the water is not going down fast enough, it could most likely be an indication of a more serious issue just below the surface.

Neglecting the problem could result in more serious plumbing emergencies that could happen in the middle of the night or while you are out of the house at work or on vacation. Take the time to call in the professionals if you see any of these 3 potential causes of a slow-flushing toilet.

1. Trapped Debris in Pipe

Each time you flush something down the toilet in your Oklahoma City home that does not belong, it has the potential to become trapped deep down in the plumbing. If an item gets stuck in a tight turn or piece of pipe, it attracts other items and the clog slowly grows.

Items that should never be flushed down the toilet range from paper towels, baby wipes, condoms, dental floss, or tampons. These will not decompose in the water, in many cases they grow larger and slow down the flow of water each time the toilet is flushed. Your local plumber can perform a pipe blasting with a pressure washer to remove those contaminants and restore the flow to your toilet.

2. Blocked Vent System

The plumbing venting system helps to keep the flow of water moving down the pipes in your home. Those pipe vents go up through the attic and out the roof, but can become damaged a number of ways.

If an animal has become trapped in the pipe or built a nest in it, the restricted air flow will result in water flowing slower from the toilet. If wind or storm damage has caused the pipe vent to break, it will result in a slow-flushing toilet. Have a professional inspect the venting system to ensure air can easily flow up and out the pipe.

3. Outdated Toilet

Older toilets have older parts and are more likely to break down and result in slower flushing systems. If the toilet is original with the house and is over a decade old, consider getting an estimate from your local plumbing repair company for a new toilet.

The newer toilets are designed to run more efficiently on less water, saving you money in water consumption and in costly plumbing repairs. Updating the toilet can quickly improve the flow of water.

Your Oklahoma City toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 today, and get your toilet working!

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