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Are You Prepared for These 3 Common Summer Plumbing Issues?

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You’re probably panicking slightly reading this title, wondering to yourself, “There are common summer plumbing problems? How was I not prepared for this! What should I be worried about?”

And while the answer is yes, there are common summer problems; that doesn’t mean it’s time to panic: these are likely issues you’re familiar with, and they are very preventable. So what exactly are the most common summer plumbing problems? And how do you prevent them? Keep reading to find out.

1. Stopping a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Wvxlz 0Mrlp 3 Everyone knows that garbage disposals are sometimes prone to clogging, but it’s more likely in summer because there’s a good chance that you have more company and more parties in the warmer months, and share more meals with friends and neighbors.

How does this translate to more clogging issues? Simple: more people are using the disposal, more food going down, and more chances for the wrong foods or an accidental utensil to get thrown in.

How to prevent it: Don’t be afraid to throw a few ice cubes into the disposal every couple months. The ice will help to clean and sharpen the blades, and this will keep your disposal running like new.

Also, try not to let people use it if they don’t know what they’re doing. Otherwise, you might end up with well-meaning neighbors throwing in too much food, the wrong types of food, or not running enough water when the disposal is grinding.

2. Preventing Sewer Line Back-Ups

Once again you can blame parties and weekend get-togethers for a lot of the backed up sewer lines that you see in summer because more people are using the system. This means garbage might get flushed; food could get thrown into the sink, or too much bathroom tissue might get stuck in the pipes.

How to prevent it: To prevent floods, clogs, and overflowing toilets this summer, make sure everyone knows what can and can’t go into the sink and toilets. And just in case, it’s also a good idea to put in some mesh drain strainers in the kitchen sink and shower drains, which will prevent food, hair, and debris from going down the pipes.

3. Being Ready for Washing Machine Flooding

Washing machines can flood for a variety of reasons, but two of the most common issues are damaged pipes and overloaded machines. Pipe damage occurs over time, but overloading is something you can prevent by not tackling too many dirty clothes at once.

How to prevent it: To keep your hoses in good shape, change them out every five years, or anytime you see cracks, wear, or blistering. And don’t be tempted to stuff a few extra towels or shirts in with each load: your washing machine has a maximum capacity for a reason, and your dry laundry room floor will thank you for heeding it.

In case you weren’t able to prevent a common problem similar to the ones listed above, or if you need help with other plumbing issues in your Oklahoma City home, call (405) 246-9763 to speak with a professional at Hull Plumbing today.

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