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Tips for Helping with Drain Cleaning Season

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Are you ready for drain cleaning season? Fall the absolute best time to invest in a thorough drain cleaning because it can be conveniently added to your fall home preparation checklist and it ensures that your drains are clear to get you through the busy holiday season.

With increased entertaining and family dinners, many homeowners experience more frequent clogged drains during the holidays if they neglect to get the drains cleaned during the fall.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of drain cleaning season:

1. Schedule a Professional Appointment

When it comes to cleaning drains, many homeowners reach for a bottle of store-bought chemical drain cleaner. These chemicals are inexpensive and often effective at removing clogs, however, they cause immense damage to your drains.

The harsh chemicals corrode the pipe and lead to burst pipes and ruptures. The best way to clean your drain is with highly pressurized water. This will gently loosen any clogs and wash them through the system.

This service also helps smooth out any rough, porous sections of the pipe to prevent future clogs before they begin. We recommend hiring a professional for this job because it’s very important to use the exact right amount of pressure. If the pressure is too intense, it will damage the pipe and cause it to shift out of place.

2. Try Repairing Clogs on Your Own

If you invest in proper cleaning and you still get a clogged drain, there is something you can do to try and unclog it yourself. Use your handy plunger to quickly plunge the drain.

The suction from the plunger should loosen simple clogs and remove the issue immediately. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate in calling a professional. There may be a more serious issue that needs attention.

3. Use Drain Screens to Keep Debris Out

 5Ieyg 7Tr 4KThere are many materials that collect in your drains over time. The most common include skin flakes, hair, bits of food, grease, oil and minerals precipitated from the water.

It’s impossible to keep all of these things completely out of the drain, but there is something you can do to reduce the amount of debris that enters the drain.

A simple drain screen will collect hair, skin and bits of food before they have a chance to clog your drain. It’s also a good idea to never pour grease or oil down the drain because it will stick to the side of the pipe and create a nasty clog.

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