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3 Tips for Preventing Pipes from Bursting


During the winter months, the water coming into your Oklahoma City home is much colder. When the water enters the pipes it can stay there, causing the pipes to freeze. The cold water causes the pipes to contract. When the pipes contract they start to leak in places that are not as strong. The weaker that particular spot, the more it will leak. Here are some ways to keep your pipes from bursting.

First tip: Keep faucets running

One thing that can be done is to leave the pipes running during the coldest temperatures. Keep a couple of the faucets running at a slow pace at all times. This constant movement of water should prevent the pipes from freezing. The faucets do not have to on at full speed, only a small constant flow of water is needed.

Second tip: Patch up holes

Patch up holds in the home that are surrounding the pipes. The cold air that comes into the home will freeze the pipes at a quicker rate. Seal up any holds that happen to be located around the dryer vents, pipes, and electrical wiring. A hold that is small may seem insignificant, however it can cause a pipe to freeze a lot quicker. A hole can be patched up with sealant, utility of by nailing it shut with wood.

Third tip: Open cabinets

Open all cabinet doors and cupboards, that are located in the bathroom and in the kitchen. With the doors opened the warm air will circulate better. The circulation will delay the freezing of the pipes even prevent them from freezing in some cases.

So those are a few ways to prevent pipes from bursting. These ways are inexpensive and are not time consuming. There are a few more ways to prevent this situation. Purchasing and installing heat tape can keep your pipes warm during the winter. If the instructions are followed, they can provide excellent protection for the pipes.

However, in some cases the attention of a plumber may be needed to help install them. When leaving the home for a period of time, make it a habit to keep the temperature at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When the home is warm this keeps prevent much of the freezing.

So be careful this winter and keep an eye on your Oklahoma City home and its pipes. And remember, if you happen to turn on your faucets and water do not flow, keep the faucet on. This will relieve pressure and may keep your faucets from bursting.

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