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Why Are There Water Stains on Your Tub and Tile?

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Have you ever wondered why stains and gunk start to accumulate in your shower and on the tiles in your bathroom? You would think that since a shower has running water that there shouldn’t be stains, but in reality, water coming and going is what is causing the stains to develop. Every time you turn a faucet on, or heat up a shower that causes steam to develop and moisture to condensate on the tiles in your bathroom, they will be leaving residue when they dry.

This is simply an inevitability, and if you have ever seen a shower that has not been cleaned for a very long time, you know how much gross stuff can accumulate and how truly disgusting it can be. These stains and the buildup that gets left behind from moisture and water in a bathroom need to be cleaned from time to time. Cleaning your bathroom regularly will insure that there aren’t excessive stains, because if you do not clean your bathroom regularly, that gunk that is forming on your tiles will turn into stains.

Can Stains be Cleaned?

Stains and buildup on your bathroom tiles can absolutely be cleaned and you should do this every few weeks if you have the time. You can get away with not cleaning your tiles for several months, but the longer you wait to do the job, the harder it is going to be to clean up and the more likely there will be lasting stains that are much harder to get up.

Don’t worry though, because even if you do develop stains, there are ways to remove them. If you are regularly cleaning your bathroom, you can get most of the goop that forms up with paper towels and normal bathroom cleaning spray. However, you might prefer to use shower spray products, which you essentially spray all over your tiles and simply leave the shower for several hours. These common products that you can get at any drug or grocery store will break the gunk and stains down and you simply spray the shower or bath tub down when you are done.

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You can also use bleach to get the stains off, and there are a few methods you can use to get it off. You can let the bleach settle on the surfaces of your tiles for a lengthy period of time, or you can simply scrub at them with bleach. There are also scrub brushes that are incredibly useful and if you have thick buildup, you are likely going to have to utilize these brushes.

However, if you have buildup in your bathroom, the best solution is hands down to call a professional to take care of the job. A professional company can come out and remove thick stains that have developed in your bathroom. Regular cleaning can avoid this, but if you have serious stains on the tiles in your bathroom, there is no question that you should contact a company and get it professionally cleaned.

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