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5 Plumbing Myths Debunked


Here are 5 plumbing myths that need to be debunked to keep you from losing money on plumbing issues, and the truth to help you make better plumbing choices.

Myth #1: Putting lemons in the disposal is not harmless, and will make it smell better

Some people think putting lemons down their disposal is harmless, but most leading professionals say, don’t put lemons in the garbage disposal system. While it may appear to be a harmless thing to do, this practice actually causes corrosion of the metal inside the disposal unit because of the acid from the lemons.

Experts recommend throwing some ice cubes in the garbage disposal. This practice will knock off the gunk from the blades, and will sharpen them too.

Myth #2: A leaky faucet is not a big deal

Drips from a leaky faucet may seem insignificant, but having a leaky faucet for a prolonged time is literally washing your money down the drain, and will result in huge utility bills. Living with a leaky faucet can waste up to several thousands of gallons of water yearly, especially if it’s a fast dripping leak.

Myth #3: Out of sight, out of mind

This really is not applicable to plumbing issues. Even if you cannot see food like rice and pasta they will bloat in drain pipes causing clogs, and preventing passage of other waste. Make sure there is adequate water to wash down the waste.

Myth #4: Your plumber is actually a professional

While a large number of the plumbers out there are handymen – people with a toolbox, not many of these individuals have acquired any formal training and certification in the industry.

If you don’t choose carefully, this could end causing more costly repairs for you. If you desperately need of a plumber, do your research to make sure that the person you are considering is licensed.

Myth #5: Liquid drainers are safe for your drain pipes

Stubborn clogs sometimes happen unexpectedly. Most drain clogs result from a gradual build-up of materials, like grease and hair, on the walls of drain pipes. Many of the drain cleaning products in the market usually can clear the clog.

However, the negative side effect of these liquid drainers is that they can cause severe damage to the interior walls of your drain pipes if you choose to use them on a regular basis. The most effective remedy for a clogged drain is to bring in a professional plumber to handle the situation.

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