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3 Toilet Maintenance Challenges


In any Oklahoma City home, the toilet is arguably one of if not the most used item on a daily basis. So when it decides to not work due to a clog or mechanical breakdown, needless to say it can create quite a bit of inconvenience for everyone involved. However, for those people who are aware of the many maintenance challenges toilets present, many problems can be detected early on or prevented altogether. While it may not be the most interesting topic to discuss, it can prove to be one that saves large amounts of money down the road. To learn more about these challenges, read the tips below.

Don’t Create a Clog

While people hate a clogged toilet, the fact is most clogs are the result of people not using common sense. In many cases, they use the toilet as a trash can and throw anything and everything in it to be flushed. However, what results are clogs that may be in the trap, drainpipe, or sewer line. To keep this from happening, dispose of any items in question in a trash can, and also remember to use good quality toilet paper that will dissolve quickly once it is wet. Otherwise, you’ll be calling a plumber and spending your extra money on repair bills.

Catch Leaks Early On

If the toilet doesn’t shut off after flushing and always sounds like it’s hissing, you’ve got a leak on your hands. Chances are the flapper valve or flush valve assembly is damaged, allowing water to leak from the tank to the bowl. These leaks can sometimes waste as much as 200 gallons of water per day if serious enough, so a plumber needs to be called as soon as the leak is detected. Otherwise, you’ll have unnecessarily high water bills for months on end until the problem is resolved.

Waste Not, Want Not

An older toilet, which is classified as one made prior to 1994, is perhaps the most wasteful part of any Oklahoma City home. Because they use more than twice as much water per flush that newer toilets, money is being flushed down the toilet each and every time. Today’s plumbers recommend installing a new, high-efficiency toilet in newer homes to cut down on water usage as well as ensure the toilet will not be breaking down time and time again, as is what happens with many pre-1994 toilets found in homes today.

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