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Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink


The Sink Is Clogged

It can be so irritating when a sink gets clogged, but this happens a lot because of the many things that will go down the sink. Even if the sink appears to be flowing freely, if water tends to stop up or go down slower than it used to, then it’s likely that you have a clog.

Depending on the sink, the clog may be caused by different things. If it’s a kitchen sink, then grease, soap, and food might be the culprit, but a bathroom sink may have cotton swabs, toothpaste, and hair clogging it.

It does make a difference what is causing the clog because it’s not necessary that every technique will help to unclog the sink. There are a few things that a Oklahoma City plumber might do to figure out what is causing the clog as well as finding out how to unclog it.

Helpful Suggestions

If a plumber were to come to your home, then one of the first things they would do would probably be to use a plunger in the sink. A plunger can be very helpful, but it has to be done correctly. Not every plumber will want to use the plunging technique, so they may very likely take apart the assembly for the bathroom sink, which consists of a pop-up assembly, and a plunger.

When this assembly is taken apart, they can easily see if there is a clog. Any clog that’s found in the bathroom sink can easily be cleaned, and then the assembly for the bathroom sink can be reassembled. If the clog cannot be seen in the sink, then the P-trap, which is underneath the sink, will be checked.

Anything that is clogging the sink will end up in the P-trap, but if it’s gone beyond this U-shaped pipe, then the plumber will have to do some additional work to unclog the drains. It is possible to use chemical drain cleaning agents, but a lot of these chemicals can possibly damage the pipes, so it’s up to the plumber what they choose to do to unclog the drain.

Get A Plumber On The Job

Not every clogged drain can be rectified by doing certain Oklahoma City home remedies, so it’s best to get a plumber to unclog a drain, no matter if it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom. A plumber should be able to get the job done within a matter of minutes.

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