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The Top 3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016


Every few years, it seems as if a different room in the home is considered the hot room for renovations. In 2016, that room appears to be the bathroom. With today’s lavatories considered to be extensions of the homeowner’s personality, it’s more important than ever for people to have their Oklahoma City bathrooms looking as good as possible. As a result of this, there are plenty of design trends that are expected to be very popular in the bathrooms of 2016. If you’d like to learn more about what’s hot in this year’s bathrooms, take a look below.

Easy to Use Showers

In today’s modern homes, many people are opting to have showers that are much easier to use than in years past. While in most bathrooms a person had to step over the side of the bathtub in order to use the shower, more bathrooms today are opting for showers that instead have low curbs or none at all. In addition to this, many showers also have shower seats installed in order to help those who shower when they are very tired.

Square Shower Heads and Fixtures

In today’s world it’s cool to be square, especially in the bathroom. Square-shaped shower heads and sink fixtures are all the rage, making bathrooms everywhere appear as modern as ever. Considered to be versatile shapes that are contemporary and transitional, squares are finding their way into more and more aspects of bathroom design. Very popular in master bathrooms, these designs are expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Trough Sinks

Even if you don’t have a horse in your bathroom that needs a place to drink, trough sinks are still considered to be a great addition to modern Oklahoma City bathrooms. Very trendy and functional, they easily allow two or more people to use the sink at the same time, making getting ready for work or school in the morning a much easier process. In many bathrooms, trough sinks are made to resemble those that were around more than a century ago. Using designs such as these, it’s possible to have a modern-day bathroom that still maintains a touch of the past.

By using these and many other of the top design trends in your bathroom, you’re virtually guaranteed to create a bathroom that you and your family will simply love. So no matter what type of bathroom you wish to create, these trends can make it happen.

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