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Jazzing up your Toilet


The Latest Toilet Technologies


Everyone knows what it sounds like when a person goes to the bathroom, especially if they are having tummy problems. It can be very unpleasant to listen to someone in a bathroom, even if it’s in a private Oklahoma City home.

There are now toilets with music that can play loud enough to cover or mask the sounds of toilet troubles, and it’s also something that can be very pleasant for the person using the bathroom. Since there are Bluetooth speakers that can be used in the shower, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a toilet can now have music of its own, especially since even shower heads now have music via Bluetooth.

Who wouldn’t want to go to the bathroom more often knowing that they can listen to their favorite songs while taking a short potty break?


Once a person gets used to their bathroom, then it’s unlikely that they’ll miss it, even in the dark. Even if a person knows exactly where the toilet is, lights on the toilet wouldn’t hurt.

Technology being added to toilets is in the form of lights, which makes the toilet more visible in the dark. The lights can be festive or simple, but they definitely will help a person to find the toilet when they are ready to use it.

The good thing about the lights is that they are LED lights, which can last for many years before they need replacement. Those that have lights on their toilet won’t absolutely need to turn on the overhead lights in the middle of the night, especially if they are trying to be discreet when using the bathroom.

Washing Capabilities

Most people would use a bidet separately if they wanted to wash themselves after using the bathroom, or some would choose to go into the shower or possibly even take a bath. A bidet seems more reasonable because it’s unlikely that a person will want to go into the shower or bathe every time they use the bathroom, which can be several times throughout the day.

There are now toilets that have the ability to wash a person in the back and front, and they can even be dried with a dryer that’s located inside the toilet as well. These toilets are trying to eliminate the need for tissue paper, which may soon be something that’s possible in the near future.

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