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Take This Advice and Learn How You Can Save Big on Your Water Bill

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Saving big on your water bill means making a few small adjustments to your regular lifestyle that will ultimately lead to you conserving a great deal of water with very little interruption to your daily routine.

The key is to know how to reduce your consumption of water and also how to recycle it when it is practical to do so. Proper maintenance of your plumbing and fixtures can go long ways towards preventing leaks that can amount to costing you thousands of dollars over the long term so be sure to contact a plumber to inspect your home at least twice a year.

Recycle All Greywater by Releasing it Into Your Garden

Fh 502 PzufdIt is simple for an experienced plumber to hook up hoses to your appliances that redirect water into your yard, rather than letting it flow down the drain.

Greywater is the term used to describe water that has been gently used to wash dishes or clothing. Discarded bathing water can also be used to water a garden if you feel like scooping it or siphoning it out of your tub.

However, be careful not to use water that is full of cleaning chemicals, such as ammonia or bleach that has been used to clean a floor, in the garden.

Take a Shower Instead of Having a Bath

Ab 1CuibvgpvThe best way to get clean is to have a shower that lasts less than eight minutes. If you can complete everything that you need to do while in the shower in less time than that, then that is all the better for saving money.

This uses a third to a quarter less water than filling up a bathtub with 30 to 40 gallons of water. It also helps to have a plumber install a low-flow showerhead or a faucet aerator, which keeps the shower flow steady without a loss of water pressure.

Save Big Bucks by Visiting a Carwash

G 53Bbpw 8MskAlthough it seems like it would be cheaper to wash your car at home the truth is that the carwash already has water-saving measures in place that use much less water then you could possibly use at home.

Furthermore, the grey water at a carwash is recycled, and dirty water is disposed of properly and treated before it is let back into any streams, rivers or lakes. The water you use at home often runs down the driveway pavement and into the gutter, where it ends up in the lake.

This kind of water use is not only irresponsible; it is costly in Oklahoma City, OK where drought and water shortages are common. Finally, be sure to have your entire HVAC and plumbing systems inspected twice a day to make sure that no coils or pipes are leaking and using water unnecessarily.

Having your appliances serviced so that they run as efficiently as possible is also recommended as is installing rain barrels in your backyard to use for cleaning larger items, like lawn furniture, bicycles, and motorcycles. The less water that you waste, the lower both your energy and water bills will be.

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