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How Fall Leaves Can Affect Your Plumbing

Leaves on sewer grate

As the season transitions from summer to fall and the leaves begin to fall off your trees, the fall brings new, unexpected threats to your home’s plumbing. Here is how fall leaves can affect your plumbing and what you can do.

Outdoor Drains

Fallen leaves can quickly accumulate and clog your outdoor drains, leading to potential flooding and water damage. They can also find their way into your gutter system, blocking downspouts and causing rainwater to overflow onto your roof or foundation.

Regularly rake your yard to keep leaves away from your drains and gutters. Consider installing leaf guards on your gutters to prevent blockages.

Sewer Lines

Leaves can also cause problems for your sewer lines. When decomposing, they can create a gunky substance that blocks pipes. Moreover, tree roots grow more rapidly in the fall and can infiltrate and clog your sewer lines.

Avoid raking leaves near sewer grates and clean-outs. If you have trees close to your sewer line, consider having a professional inspect the line annually for root intrusion.

Indoor Plumbing

If leaves get into your indoor plumbing fixtures, they can cause significant issues. For example, if children play with leaves and then wash their hands, leaves could end up in the sink and cause a blockage.

Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible during the fall to prevent leaves from entering your home. Teach kids not to put leaves or any other debris down drains.

Contact an Experienced Plumber

Sometimes, you can’t avoid plumbing emergencies caused by fallen leaves and other fall debris. When preventive measures fail, and your drains or sewer lines need maintenance, it’s best to contact an experienced plumber to troubleshoot and repair your plumbing systems. The repair specialists at Hull Plumbing, Inc. know how to solve your plumbing issues with stress-free and affordable services.

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