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Need a drain cleaning?


Chemical drain cleaners are readily available and advertised to make homeowners believe they are the answer to all drain issues. Professionals do not recommend the use of chemical drain cleaning solutions for unclogging drains. There are a number of reasons why these solutions should not be used to unclog the drain.

There are volatile substances that make up chemical drain cleaners which means that not only are they corrosive they are poisonous in nature. The chemical solutions can damage the plumbing and human skin. They have been known to deteriorate human flesh.

Substances that are hazardous and harmful to health if they touch the skin or are inhaled are contained in the chemical cleaning solutions on the market. You are exposed to the toxic chemicals by having the cleaners in the home. The fumes themselves are toxic.

Visible plumbing fixers can be damaged the same way that hidden fixers are damaged. The sink basin can have pit marks, faucets and drain coverings can become tarnished. The splattering of chemical drain cleaning solutions puts you at risk for getting them in your eyes or on your skin. It can also end up on surfaces damaging them.

Chemical drain cleaning solutions are reactive to other substances as a result of the ingredients being so volatile and toxic. Chlorine gas, which is toxic and poisonous, can result if a common cleaner like bleach is combined with the chemical make-up of the chemical solution for unclogging the drain.

The directions on the label for the use of a chemical drain cleaner should be followed exactly, and they should never be mixed with other solutions for unclogging the drain. The dangers associated with chemical drain cleaning solutions are why professionals do not recommend their use even when protective gear is worn because they can still come in contact with skin and surfaces damaging them.

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