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Is your drain running smoothly?


All households are reliant on piping systems to remove and transport unwanted fluids and waste to sewer systems. Even though pipes are important for water flow, drains are often ignored until there is a blockage issue, and this should never happen. Attention should be given to drains all year round, and maintenance should be even more regulated during the summer. Drains will only function as well as its plumbing. Regular cleaning will ensure that clogging or blockage doesn’t happen.

During the summer, tree roots grow faster. When the root system expands, it blocks drains. This is because tree roots are attracted to water for its nutrients and ability to aid in the growing process. There are no signs of root expansion. Combating root systems and other materials from going any further toward drains is the only way to prevent it from causing water backups.

Households with children have an absolute need for summer drain cleaning.Children are more likely to be home longer during the summer. The usage of drains are increased during those months of vacation from school. There would be a lot more soap scum, hair and gunk clinging to the sides of drains. This reinforces the fact that drains need to be regulated over the hotter months.

Amateur cleaning is an issue in many homes. When grime and oil hardens in drains, people often turn to plungers and drain cleaning to solve the problem. But, the problem usually gets worse. Professional drain cleaning services is a necessity for piping systems of all households, and there is no way around it. There is also a health hazard when drains become clogged. The water that comes up as a result of a blockage is filled with harmful bacteria. Many diseases are caused by the chemicals present in backed up drain water.

The benefits of summer drain cleaning go beyond a cleared piping system. It eliminates the possibility of blockages happening in the near future and gives the inhabitants of the household a peace of mind. When drain clogging happens, the putrid smell along with the threat of possible bacteria related diseases can cause anxiety. All of these issues can be held at bay through an easy consultation for the process to begin.

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