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Why Should I Install a Garbage Disposal?


Putting a value on a home is a tricky business. There’s the size of the house, the amount of land it sits on, the kind of neighborhood it’s in, and the construction of the house itself. Another factor, and one that occasionally gets overlooked, is the appliances in a home. Often times making sure that a house has the most up-to-date appliances and technology can increase the value, and make it look more appealing to buyers when the home is eventually put on the open market.

Where The Garbage Disposal Comes In

When home owners think of updating their appliances to add to the value of their homes they tend to think in terms of refrigerators and ovens, hot water heaters, security systems and green energy generation. Something as humble as the garbage disposal unit can make a difference to how potential buyers view a home though. Typically the newer, cleaner, and more energy efficient the garbage disposal is, the more value it will add to a home when it goes up on the market.

Is a Garbage Disposal Really That Big of a Deal?A garbage disposal is a lot like a cell phone; it’s better to have it and not need it than it is to need it and not have it. A garbage disposal allows for easier disposal of old food waste, which might otherwise sit for days and stink up a kitchen. It reduces the amount of garbage that goes into a landfill, and it in general makes it easier to maintain a clean, neat kitchen.An older garbage disposal, or worse a house that doesn’t offer one at all, means that it’s much more likely drains will get clogged by food waste. This can be an unfortunate burden that new home owners will have to overcome, but it won’t take away any value that a home already has. If a garbage disposal is added though then it will simply put more value onto the home than what is already present. Conveniences always make a house more valuable, which is why it’s important to leave no stone unturned when trying to get the most value added into a home that will one day be up for sale.

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