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What Causes My Faucets to Drip?


Having faucets that drip can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water every year. This equates to losing enough water to fill a swimming pool. You can save almost 10% off your yearly water bill just by getting faucet repair services.

What is the Problem

Many things can cause a faucet to leak. Here are a few of the most common problems:

• Worn Seals – Disc faucets contain inlet and outlet seals. With usage, sediment accumulates inside the assembly. This causes the seals to wear out. A plumber can clean out the accumulation and replace any seals they cannot save.

• Worn Washers – When you use a faucet with a rubber washer, the washer is forced against the valve seat. This causes friction that can eventually wear out the washer. Having a plumber replace the worn washer is the best way to stop the leak.

• Improperly Installed Washer – The washer can also leak if it is not installed properly, or if it is the wrong size. A professional can stop the leak with a proper installation.

• O-ring Problems – The handle of a faucet is help together with a stem screw. Part of this stem is a small disc known as the O-ring. With regular usage, the O-ring can wear out or become loose. This causes leakage around the handle, but a plumber can replace the O-ring.

• Valve Seat Corrosion – The connection between the spout and the faucet is known as the valve seat in a compression mechanism. Water sediments can accumulate and cause corrosion of the valve seat. This causes leakage around the spout. A plumber can clean the valve seat and stop the leaking.

It is best to get a leak fixed as soon as possible. The longer the problem continues, the more likely it will become a costly repair. Fixing the leak will also stop water loss and save you money.

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