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Time To Repipe Your Bathroom


Re-piping involves completely replacing the supply pipes in your bathroom. Re-pipping your bathroom after a leak is very important because it is the only permanent solution. There are many reasons you may want/need to Repipe your bathroom and depending on the cause the amount of time the job takes can vary.

If you are re-piping due to remolding than the timeframe may be shorter. If your drywall and demolition has already been done, then you are already one step closer to a finished job. However, if another company(s) is redoing the drywall and painting than the finished process may take longer. More companies involved in the process can extend the timeline due to the fact that they all have different timelines, and projects to complete. There are plumbing companies who do the work from start to finish and others who demo and replace the piping but who do not drywall or paint. Make sure you review your estimate closely.

If you are re-piping due to a leak or other small repair you could be looking at a larger job than you expected. Often times there are more problems, than you can see, once the drywall is removed. Most jobs take between 1-3 days to complete. Expect that your water is going to be turned off. If you have a secondary bathroom you can request that the water remains on in it, until job completion.

The plumber is working hard to make sure everything is done right and in a timely fashion. You can save time by removing anything fragile in advance and giving them as much room as possible to work. A permit is required before the project even starts and upon completing the job there is an inspection performed. There are many variables that go into re-piping job, which can extend the job up to 5 days.

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