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Saving Money With Preventive Plumbing Maintenance


Most people do not call a plumber until they experience a problem with the pipes or one of the appliances breaks down. Many of these issues are a result of neglect, and preventative maintenance could have eliminated the emergency and actually extended the life of the unit. The time to call a local professional plumber is today to schedule your maintenance treatment.

Treating the Kitchen Sink Drain

The kitchen sink is directly attached to the drain line for the garbage disposal. When the disposal is not operating properly, the food particles are not liquified and they clog up the drain. Each time the food gets trapped in the drain, it makes it more difficult for water to flow properly. It doesn’t take too long before a clog occurs. Many homeowners use toxic liquid drain cleaners to treat the problem, causing more trouble that leaving the pipes alone. Those harmful chemicals do damage to the inside of the pipe as well as fill the air with toxic fumes that are deadly to children and pets. Your local plumbing professional will treat the kitchen drain each year with organic cleaning solutions that do no damage to your plumbing.

Treating the Bathroom Pipes
The pipes that control the bathroom plumbing are under a constant attack from soap residue, hair, and not to mention everything that gets placed in the toilet and is flushed. These items cause a problem deep down the line that most homeowners can not access with traditional plumbing tools. Even a power snake is useless if the homeowner is not experienced with this tool. If you get it stuck in the pipe or it breaks off, you are going to be spending a significant amount of money on the repair and replacement of the tool. Hiring your local plumbing professional to provide your system with preventative maintenance will ensure the pipes do not become clogged with debris.

Checking the Pipes From the Inside

Technology allows plumbers to now be able to look inside the pipes to inspect for corrosion or clogs. In line cameras can quickly give the plumber a birds eye view from the inside of the pipe so they can pinpoint trouble quickly. Pressure testing equipment will also allow the plumber to find weak spots in the pipes and make the appropriate repair before an emergency occurs. This preventative maintenance will save you costly emergency repairs and extend the live of the entire plumbing system.

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