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What Are the Precautions to Take When Discovering a Leak in My Home


Doing This Keeps Little Leaks From Causing Chaos

Often our phone rings and this is what we hear:
Frantic Customer: “Help. Water’s running down through my ceiling from the bathroom into the dining room. Please, can you come right away?” Let us help you with our plumbing services.

No doubt this is stressful. Water is a very damaging force, especially when it’s soaking into your upholstered furniture, carpets and wood floors, not to mention ceilings and maybe even behind walls.

It’s very difficult to find a plumber just sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for something in your home to spring a leak so they can jump up and run right over. Plumbers are already out fixing things that happened to other frantic people a few days ago.

So what can you do now so this frantic call doesn’t come from you? What preventative measures can you take decreasing your chances of something like that happening to you?

We would like to suggest 3 proactive things that will help.

  • Make a point to check all the places where water comes into your home. Faucets, washer connections, shower heads, and dishwashers are all good places. Touch the valves to see if they feel wet. It may just be some condensation, so wipe dry, put a little cup under to see if any water collects.
  • Tighten the valves. By doing that, as you’re checking for dampness, you’ll help eliminate leaks simply because of a loose connection.
  • And the third thing is very simple. Listen. Do you hear anything dripping, or hissing? Those drippy faucets and hoses can let go and turn into fountains of water in just a split second.

Call a Plumbing Professional

But it’s what you do when you find dampness, loose valves or dripping and hissing that matters. Don’t ignore it! Don’t just wrap a rag around. This is the time to call the plumber. Make an appointment for them to come and check things out. This is the time to change those washers or valves or whatever is causing the problem. And a plumber does it because they have the right tools, and they know what they’re doing.

Left unfixed and ignored, you’ll find yourself being the frantic caller, begging for a plumber to come right away! If you’re in that situation, find the main water valve, turn it to off, and please know, a plumber will get there just as soon as they can.

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