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Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

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There is nothing worse than a sewer backup, with water running all over the floor. This cannot only cause considerable damage if not taken care of immediately but can also become a health hazard as well. Therefore, it is important that you know the main causes of sewer line problems and take precautions to see that they are avoided.


As time goes on, hair often causes a stopped up sewer. As you shower, a certain amount of hair is discarded, goes through the drain hole and becomes lodged in the line. Over time, this can become a serious problem and cause water to back up in the tub, shower or toilet.Putting items such as disposal diapers, garbage, sanitary napkins and other debris in the toilet is a definite no no. Excessive use of toilet paper or failure to flush the toilet, after every use, can also cause a sewer line problem. Things such as thread, small toys and hairpins, which easily flush down the toilet, will come to a halt when they meet the bend in the sewer line. This will eventually completely block the line and cause a sewage overflow.


Tree and shrub roots are a major problem in yards that have a great deal of wood growth. The roots, searching for water, will grow around the pipe and eventually crack it. This allows the dirt and rocks to accumulate in the line and bring about a complete backup of sewage. Experienced plumbers, who have the means to replace the line without digging up the yard, should be consulted regarding any sewer backup.


This often occurs when you are not carefully about properly discarding grease and other wastes. It is important that hot grease never be poured down a sink or into a garbage disposal. This grease will attach itself to the pipe walls and other items, such as coffee grounds, will attach and cause a blockage. Other items that can cause a backup is using the garbage disposal for such items as greasy foods, rice or other materials that will expand and block the lines.Although blockage can be caused by worn out sewer pipes, drains and so forth, the majority of sewer blockage can be avoided by simple care in avoiding the things that you know can cause this problem. Should a sewage problem occur it is important to contact an experienced plumber who can quickly locate the problem and suggest a solution.

If your Oklahoma City sewer line is showing symptoms of blockage, call the experts of Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763. The difference in the function of your drains will be like night and day!

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