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10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom

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Remodeling a bathroom can help bring a house up-to-date and add a feeling of luxury to a home. It can also increase resale value of a home. However, a bathroom remodel does not have to be extensive or expensive to have a fabulous payoff. Homeowners who make even a few of the below upgrades can really change the look and feel of their bathrooms.

Change Colors

Color choices can modernize or date any space. Colors that were popular several decades ago in bathrooms, such as pastel pink or mint, look very dated now but can be easily changed. One easy way to upgrade a bathroom is to change wall colors with a simple coat of paint. A second option is to change floor colors by painting a wooden floor or adding colored tile. Third, homeowners can brighten even a small bathroom with new towels, a new shower curtain or new rugs in a complementary color.

Change Fixtures

We can help you upgrade your bathroom by making some simple fixture changes. First, we can change your shower head to a larger one, a handheld one or one that has multiple spray patterns. Second, we can change out a sink faucet that is dated, rusted or has lost its finish. Third, we can easily change out toilets, which is particularly important for homeowners who have colorful toilets but who want neutral-colored toilets. Fourth, we can even help homeowners accomplish more extensive plumbing changes, such as adding a whirlpool or adding side jets to a shower.

Add Light R 4057Uepvp

Another major way to upgrade bathroom aesthetics is to find ways to add light. Even in the smallest of bathrooms, light can make the space feel bigger and more open. One way to do this is to change light fixtures above the sink. A second option is to add ceiling lights above a shower or even a chandelier above a luxurious tub. Third, homeowners can let in more natural light by choosing window coverings that do not completely block out the light while providing privacy, such as wooden shutters or light-filtering curtains.

These ten tips provide an excellent place for homeowners to start if they want to upgrade their bathrooms. We can help with any plumbing needs, such as fixture upgrades or new tubs or showers. Because people spend so much time each day in the bathroom, this room should look pleasant, modern and spacious.

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