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Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

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Many homeowners might consider reaching for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner when they find a clog in their sink or bathtub. They would reach for these products never giving any thought to the inherent dangers of chemical drain cleaning solutions. Here’s a brief rundown of chemical drain cleaners and the dangers associated with using them.

What Are Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical Drain Cleaners are toxic chemicals available over the counter in most supermarkets and home improvement stores. Chemical drain cleaners can contain sulfuric acid, caustic soda, sodium hydroxide and other caustic chemicals depending on the formulation. These products work by dissolving or eating away the blockage in the drain causing the clog. Unfortunately, these chemicals can also damage skin and eyes if they encounter them as well as the drains they are helping to clear.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous To People

As mentioned above chemical drain cleaners are dangerous to skin and eyes if they are exposed to them. Getting these products on the skin or in the eyes can cause permanent damage, up to and including scarring and blindness. These chemicals are strong enough that typical household gloves cannot stand prolonged exposure. Inhaling the fumes of chemical drain cleaners can cause respiratory problems. While dangerous on their own, accidental mixing of these products with bleach can produce chlorine gas, which can be deadly with prolonged exposure. These are not products most homeowners would want around their loved ones or pets.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous To Home And Personal Items Ar 1Ehees 1Cw

Chemical drain cleaners are predominately acids, which, while clearing the clog, can also damage the pipes. If the drain cleaner is exposed to walls or floors, it can damage the finish, leading to costly repairs. If these drain cleaners come in contact with clothing, they can spot, stain or eat holes in fabrics. Drain cleaners can tarnish jewelry or other metals like bathroom fixtures.Although a chemical drain cleaner might look like a quick fix to many homeowners, overall, the dangers outweigh the advantages. A call to a plumber can get the drain cleared safely with no damage to people, pets or property.

A plumber has the equipment to get the drain flowing freely while leaving the pipes undamaged. A plumber is also more environmentally friendly, since chemical drain cleaners are flushed down the drain to end up in waterways.

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