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Purify Your Water Supply and Stay Healthy


Water treatments is cleaning and purifying water to make it suitable for consumption by people and animals. This can be done using means that are physical, biological, mechanical, and chemical methods.

What is Water Softening?

It is reducing the hardness of the water. They usually use potassium or sodium ions to replace magnesium, calcium and other metal ions.

It is the ions that create hard water, so you must remove the ions from the water so it won’t be hard anymore. Trying to remove water hardness to make it soft usually takes reverse osmosis and/or ion-exchange polymers.

You can also use precipitation by boiling the water then taking the precipitation and bottling it into containers or bottles and using that as water, or you can use chelating agents. You can also get a water softener machine and connect it to the water supply.

What Does it Do?

You turn regular water into soft water by using lime softener or ion-exchange resins. It becomes easier to use with different soaps, shampoos, and creme rinses. Hard water makes it difficult for soap and detergent to dissolve in water. It also helps plumbing last a lot longer.

You need to remove lime scale deposits from your water system so this doesn’t build up and block and ruin your plumbing. As this builds up and blocks the plumbing, it makes your water heater and water boiler work a lot harder and run your electric bill up.

There are also beads that can be used in homes that have Ion exchange resins in them. Ion exchanging resins use organic polymers that have anionic working groups to which the dications (Ca++) group together better than monocations (Na+).

Why should Homeowners Choose Water Softening Services?Bljxq 20Rf 3N

They should use some sort of water softening because hard water ruins your plumbing over time.

It builds up and eventually keeps the water from flowing. This can be stopped by using electrolysis or using magnetism which stops the buildup but does not take the hardness out of the water.

It is said that this doesn’t work very well however. Zeolites also have ion-exchange makeup; laundry soaps use these to wash clothes.

Because if you don’t, it can run your electric bill up high, ruin your washing machine, and cost you money in repairs and replacing pipes in your water system. It also keeps your air conditioner running better, and maxes out the life of your air conditioning unit.

Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to stay hydrated. Give Hull Plumbing a call at (405) 246-9763 for all your water treatment needs.

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