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What Causes Slab Leaks?


cracks on a home’s ceiling caused by slab leaks

A sudden surge in your water usage, cracks on ceilings or walls, and the constant sound of running water despite your water fixtures being turned off. Sound familiar? This could mean you have a slab leak in your home. Slab leaks occur when water pipes installed within your home’s concrete foundation break or crack. If not promptly addressed, slab leaks can cause significant structural damage and worsen over time.

Slab leaks can stem from a variety of reasons. As the trusted plumber in Edmond, OK, Hull Plumbing is here to tackle some of them.


The most common cause of slab leaks is corrosion due to high levels of chlorine or other chemicals in the water. These chemicals react with metal piping and erode them over time, leading to cracks and eventual slab leaks. It’s important to note that pipes in older homes are more susceptible to corrosion, as they may be made of weaker materials such as galvanized steel.

High Water Pressure

An increased water pressure exerts stress and unnecessary strain on the pipes, and ignoring this issue can lead to breakage. If your home has high water pressure, it is in your best interest to contact a professional plumber to correct it before it leads to more serious and potentially expensive plumbing repairs.

Faulty Pipe Installation

Incorrectly installed pipes can also be to blame. When pipes are not laid properly, they are more prone to cracking and rupturing, inevitably resulting in slab leaks and the need for emergency plumbing. Poor installation practices can include using the wrong type of pipes for a particular situation, not following proper piping codes, or neglecting to use any cushioning material between the pipe and the concrete in which it is laid.

Ground Movement

When the soil around your home shifts or contracts, it puts added pressure on your pipes and can cause them to break. This is especially true if there are any gaps in the concrete surrounding the pipes, as this leaves them vulnerable to external pressure.

Learn more about slab leaks and how our plumbing company can effectively address them by speaking to our team of experts. Contact us today at Hull Plumbing to schedule a consultation.

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