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Got a slab leak?


A slab leak is a pipe breakage causing water to flood in or underneath the slab of your home. This damage can be costly to any homeowner if the problem is not found and repaired immediately. Unless you know what to look for spotting the leak can be difficult and time consuming.Looking for the signs will help stop the problem before it causes too much damage. The first way most people notice a leak is a rise in the water bill. If you notice that water usage has gone up but you can’t explain why, it might be time to take a closer look at your slab for a leak.When you go down to check for a leak keep your eyes and ears open for other signs. Suspicious sounds such as flowing water underneath the slab can be a giveaway that you might have a leak. While you’re down checking for leaks, if the floors are too cold or too warm that might be a sign that either your cold or hot water pipes are leaking. These signs can also lead to other signs such as excess humidity or unexplained spots of wetness.These initial problems can lead to cracks in the floor and wall baseboards. These issues are costly and can be time consuming to fix on your own. If you see the signs and think you may have a leak, you can double check by turning your water off and reading the meter, if in an hour the meter reads differently, you have a leak.

There are tools and and other expensive equipment to help detect and fix a leak, however if done wrong it can cause more damage which in turn makes things more costly. If you are sure you have a leak, it may be best to contact a professional plumber to help fix the problem.

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