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Benefits of a water softener system


A water softener system removes hard water and replaces it with soft water. The system can be easily installed by a reputable plumbing contractor. The water is washed through filters and the hard minerals are removed and replaced by sodium ions. Water softeners can be installed at the point of entry, where all the fresh water comes into the house or at the point of use, like the kitchen sink.

There are at least three reasons to get a water softening system if the homeowner has hard water.

First, hard water is water that’s filled with minerals like calcium and magnesium. Though these minerals might be good for a person’s health, they can be devastating to a house’s plumbing. That’s because the minerals precipitate out of the water and line the inside of the pipes with what’s called lime or scale. Scale can clog pipes and also get into appliances that are dependent on the inflow of fresh water, like the washing machine and water heater. Hard water can make them wear out and need to be replaced more quickly than they would be if the water was soft.

Second, when it’s mixed with soap hard water can also leave a scummy film in the bathtub and the shower stall that’s difficult to remove. Because hard water doesn’t mix well with soap or detergents, it can leave clothes dingy when they come out of the washing machine. Some people also feel that the residue is left on their skin and hair and don’t feel clean after a bath or shower.

Third, scale in the pipes can also lower the water pressure. Few things are more frustrating than a weak shower stream. When the plumbing contractor comes in to install the water softener, they should also flush the lime from the plumbing pipes. If there is a lot of sediment in the pipes, the pipes might need to be replaced altogether, which is an expensive proposition.

So, soft water would treat pipes, hair, clothes and skin with far more gentleness than hard water and save the homeowner money over the long run.

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