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When to service your water heater


It is a well established fact that proper water heater maintenance should prolong the life of the water heater. Proper maintenance begins with understanding the conditions around the water heater that might affect the water heater’s performance. Home owners certainly realize that proper maintenance is very important. Proper maintenance will dramatically reduce costly repairs and replacement. We frequently inform our customers that there are a number of determining factors that affect water heating servicing requirements.

First, we always suggest that the homeowner rely on the opinion of their plumber for advice on when to service their heater. A number of homeowners like to take charge and try to service their own water heater. In our opinion this could be a very costly mistake. There are a number of things that could go wrong. The homeowner might wind up paying even more money than they imagined.

How frequent should your water heater be serviced? Well, determine the age of the water heater. It is estimated that most home water heater’s usually last about ten years. Of course, there are other determining factors that affect the longevity of the water heater. For example, maintenance issues and the location of the water heater. It is interesting to note that a number of customers do not know the exact age of their heater. The age of the water heater is vital in determining when it requires servicing or even replacement. Take a look at the water heater. There should be a sticker somewhere on the water heater. The sticker should contain the manufacturing date for the water heater. Is the heater a year old? Perhaps, a few years old? Well, it is definitely time to call your water heater repairman. At this point contact a plumber for more information on servicing the heater.

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