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Does Your Garbage Disposal Need Maintenance?


One of the modern conveniences that many of us enjoy is the garbage disposal. But even this creative, useful item occasionally needs serviced. It is important to pay attention to your garbage disposal so you know when maintenance is required.

The first sign that you need to get service done on your disposal is if it will not turn on. While this may seem like an obvious thing, it is not unusual for something to have gotten stuck in the cord without you knowing and then when you remove that item, the disposal gets unplugged. Some newer model dishwashers will also turn off when something is put down the disposal that could damage the blades. Another reason for the lack of power could be a tripped breaker. This can easily be solved by simply resetting the breaker in the main breaker box.

If you have checked the power and there is still water standing in your sink and it will not go down your drain, you may need to give your local plumber a call. Often this is a sign that something is stuck in the disposal that is to big to be broken up or something has clogged the drain. This problem could also be caused by a jammed flywheel. The flywheel is the part that chops up the food. If you have made aure the power is off, you may be able to use a broom handle to dislodge the flywheel, but this should only be done when you are sure there is no power coming to the disposal.

Another sign that you may need to have your plumber visit is if there is a loud or unusual noise coming from the garbage disposal. You can very carefully check to make sure that there is not any silverware down the disposal, but it is important to never place your hand in the disposal unless you have unplugged it.

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