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Common Plumbing Emergencies


Before buying a home in Oklahoma City, it’s important to be aware of plumbing emergencies that may cause problems. Awareness can keep plumbing issues from becoming emergencies and keep homeowners from making costly mistakes.

Gas Leaks: Gas leaks are serious business. A small spark, or even just flipping on a light, can cause an explosion. Upon smelling gas, homeowners should immediately leave the house. Then, call a plumber to turn off the gas and repair the pipe. Handling this emergency shouldn’t be attempted by anyone who’s not a trained professional.

Burst Pipes: Burst pipes can ruin floors, walls, ceilings and personal property. When the pipes break, the water pressure that is constantly pushing through them have to go somewhere, so the water that spills out across the floor and into the basement, into the walls or onto the floor, where it leaks into the basement or spreads. Turn off the main water line and immediately call a plumber.

Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes can lead to bursting pipes because when water freezes, it expands. If they’re not split, they can be thawed with hot water bottles, but not with a flame. Flames are more likely to make the pipe split. Insulate pipes properly to prevent freezing, but if the pipes are split or you can’t tell, call a plumber.

Clogged Drains and Toilets: Anyone can fix a clogged drain or toilet, right? Often, a plunger can solve the problem. However, if something falls in, plunging can cause the item to get stuck, which can damage your pipes and make them burst. Likewise, severely clogged faucets can burst pipes.

Leaky Faucets: A leaky faucet will run up your water bill and a hot water faucet will also run up the energy bill. It can also cause water to build up. Pipes may need to be replaced to prevent continuing leakages.

Plumbing emergencies need to be handled as quickly and effectively as possible to save time and money.

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