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Warning Signs That Your Water Heater Need Maintenances


Signs the water heater needs maintenance are not hard to determine once one knows what to expect. If there is something wrong, the tank will usually let it be known. There are different factors one needs to know in order to maintain the water heater properly. One can find needed information by calling a plumber or looking online.

First off, How long the water heater lasts will depend upon what type care one provides for the appliance. Also, the better quality a water heater is, the better it is going to hold up. Tanks are good for about ten years, and they can last several years longer if their care is the best and they are a reputable brand name.

Next, something people easily overlook is flushing out sediments. This must be done regularly, especially with hard water. The sediment clings to the heating element and hot water comes out cooler than it should, or it doesn’t heat up whatsoever. That is usually a good sign that the tank needs sediments cleaned out.

Be that as it may, one should call a plumber if he has any leaks. If one sees a bit of water under the tank, it is time to drain the entire tank to make performance up to par. There is a purge valve at the bottom of the heater. Use a garden hose, turning on the valve and letting water flow for a couple of minutes. Do this once a year.

Check the temperature of the water to make sure it is precise. For issues with hot water getting cooler, this could be the problem. There should be information on the tank about this, along with other important info. If not, one can call where he purchased the item and ask questions.

That said, in a weak shape, a hot water tank can start boiling and blow up. This is a worse case setting, but safe is better than an explosion. Do not try to do work on a water heater unless qualified to do so. The uncommon symptoms are signs the water heater needs maintenance. If the water heater in your Oklahoma City home is in need of maintenance, call Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 and get started today!

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