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Thinking about buying a home?


There’s an old saying about pests that you shouldn’t worry so much about the ones you can see, but the ones you can’t. The same goes for plumbing. You might catch a clogged toilet, but illegal or bad pipe work can easily be overlooked by an amateur. Bad plumbing can become expensive, especially if overlooked for too long. It’s best for new homeowners to get a professional plumbing inspection.

Leaking issues can lead to citations but also dangerous mold and structural problems. While you may be lucky enough to catch a pipe dripping, a professional will look for the small signs like discoloration that can indicate an issue behind walls. Pipes can also be broken in a number of ways that would go unnoticed such as being crushed as a car is pulling out.

Pipes can have other problems simply because of specialization. Pipes that are fit for plumbing cannot be with gas for example. Some pipes are even illegal in homes in the US. The difference between polyethylene and polybutylene, an easy mistake for a novice, can be expensive in a home inspection.

There’s also the matter of cross-connection. This is when household water pipes have become contaminated by other sources and vice versa. It can happen when there’s a break in the main water line around the filter, bringing city water through the shower heads. It can also work in reverse, bringing the contaminants that are common in the home (shampoo, dye, cleaning chemicals) into the main water source.

When problems are detected do-it-yourself fixes can solve problems but also may cause more. The wrong sort of tape to patch up the pipes on a water heater, for example, can lead to further citations. Fixes that work in some seasons may not hold through others such as plastic pipes cracking in the winter. Because some ‘fixes’ go beyond citation and into dangerous territory, it’s important to seek professional guidance during inspections and repairs.

Be sure to work with both professional contractors and inspectors to make sure your new home is up to safety and legal standards. Are you looking for a reliable residential plumber in the Oklahoma City area? Contact Hull Plumbing at (405) 246-9763 and schedule a service call today!

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