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Tired of dealing with hard water?


Water softening is the removal of minerals and metals from a hard water supply by using a lime softening treatment or by applying a type of reverse osmosis treatment. There are roughly 85% of homes in the United States that have hard water. Overall hard water is safe and healthy for human consumption, however it can lead to appliance damage and cleaning issues among other things. Softening the water can effectively reduce plumbing harm and even balance it to make the hardness more friendly with soap. With these things in mind, there are many things that can benefit from having a water softening system.

The minerals that are absorbed into the water from the surrounding area can include magnesium, calcium, and sulfur which then are swapped for softer sodium ions, hence removing them. Hard water responds unfavorably to soaps, so softening them will improve upon the lather, hair and skin will be softer and cleaner, any dry or itchy properties on skin are diminished, soap residues are much easier to rinse away and showers, sinks and bathtubs stay cleaner. The softer water may even taste better than hard water. All of these come down to decreasing expenses on products and essentially making appliance cleaning easier to maintain.

Along with easier maintenance comes an extension of life, for appliances that use water, the lime scale from the hard water no longer builds up which also would have decreased efficiency. Decreased clogging and corrosion in plumbing pipes or fixtures results as softening occurs since buildup of hard water deposits are minimized. Clothes last and stay bright much longer because the minerals rinse out easily. Fewer costs and repairs and an increased peace of mind greatly surpass the one time expense of a water softening system.

The systems can range from between $100 and $2500 depending on which type of system you get. They sound complicated but are very easy to install, have many benefits and you may wonder why you hadn’t done it already. Regardless of why you should buy one, once you do invest in a soft water system, you will never want to go back to hard water again.

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