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Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?


There are many home renovation projects you could tackle by yourself and easily accomplish over a weekend. When you attempt to renovate a bathroom though, you may want to consider calling a professional plumber. The bathroom has many unforeseen issues that could not only set you back a significant amount of money, you could cause more damage than was present and run the cost of the projects way over budget. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a plumber to renovate your bathroom.

When the home was built, the original builder may or may not have taken extra care installing the tub and shower stall. Most professionals do spot tests for leaky pipes before the walls are installed. But that is not always the case. You may start working on your renovation and find you not only have leaky pipes that have been dripping for years, but that you have significant damage to the wood, walls and floor boards. Water will slowly erode whatever it has constant contact with, and the only way to repair this problem is having the pipes fixed.

A professional plumber can fix the pipes and also identify any other pipes that have the potential to cause problems in the near future. Many cast iron pipes rot from the inside, so you would never even know you are about to have a problem. A plumber can test the pipes and quickly find weak areas that are susceptible to rupturing. If the water damage has caused mold to form, a plumber can assist you in contacting the proper clean up crews to remove that harmful bacteria before it infects your family.

One area of bathroom renovation that many people try to tackle on their own is replacing garden tubs. Simply measuring the tub or getting the model number and trying to get a similar tub works many times, but you may find after getting your new tub home removing the old one, that for some reason the new tub will not slide into the space you want. The problem is that the old tub was fit into a very tight area, and the pipes and woodwork are many times built around the tub fixture. The new tub, even though the dimensions were correct, many times have new piping that is slightly off from where the original tubs pipes were. Even a difference of a few inches can cause the tub not to sit correctly. A plumber can quickly identify where the pipe needs to run, cut and reattach it so the tub fits snug.

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