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5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Look Out for in 2015

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More people than ever are using their extra money to upgrade their bathroom. It makes sense as this is a great way to improve not only the look of your home, but the value as well.

If you are considering an upgrade or are just wanting to get some ideas the future, there are some up and coming trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2015.

Statement Sinks

Statement sinks are those that sit atop the counter and look amazing. They come in a variety of colors and unique variations. One benefit is that they take up less space on the counter. Statement sinks modernize a bathroom and can be easily installed by a professional plumber.

Low Flow Shower Heads0S 00G 6 Xgfo

Low flow shower heads that are well designed can not only enhance the look or your bathroom but can also reduce the amount of water you are wasting. Most people worry that a low flow shower head will reduce the effectiveness of the water flow. Professional installation of a low flow shower head will guarantee that you get a good pressure when showering while still reducing the amount of water being expended.

Open Shelving

Another new trend in bathroom remodeling is open shelving. Instead of putting items into closets and cabinets, items, such as towels, can be placed onto open shelves for a cleaner, more open appearance.

Upgraded Fixtures

Even something as simple as upgrading faucets and fixtures can significantly change the look and value of your bathroom. Sleek, simple looking fixtures can give your room a real boost. And having them installed will give you an opportunity to have a plumber look at the integrity of your pipes.

Low Flow/Dual Flush Toilets

Low flow toilets are perhaps the biggest trend in 2015. With their energy efficient nature, they save money while preserving natural resources. Making an upgrade like this to your home will help keep the water bills down while enhancing the value of your home.

There are many options when choosing to upgrade and remodel your bathroom in 2015. If you are considering a remodel, shop around and find what styles fit your personal taste and budget. Then contact a plumbing professional to ensure that everything is installed correctly and working properly. A professional installation helps to ensure that your upgraded bathroom not only looks good, but remains fully functional.

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