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Why hiring a professional is the right choice than DIY


As tempting as it may be, a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to your home’s plumbing probably isn’t the best idea. This article will explain why that is the case.


Many people who DIY don’t know how to do anything exactly correctly, much less something complicated that needs training or education like plumbing. You can risk having your entire household out of commission or water due to trying to do it yourself, or much worse, end up doing something catastrophic like drowning your house.

You also need to have proper tools to be able to do plumbing safely. You likelu don’t have all of these these tools. For example, a blow torch is often needed to weld together pipes for plumbing, which can be dangerous to the novice. The pipes get hot and can burn you to the touch.

Remember how many of your appliances use water: showers, laundry, sinks, toilets, etc. Can you really afford to be without these amenities?


Doing plumbing on your own often voids your warranty with your plumbing materials. Plumbers themselves will not void this ever so illustrious warranty, so this is the smart way to go.

Additionally, plumbers will often provide their own warranty for their services. For example, they will ensure that their services will last for a given number of years. You get no guarantees when you do it own your own.

Saving in the Long-Run

Although they may seem to save money, DIY approaches often do not do such in the long-run. One simple example of such lies in a leaky drain or faucet, which are all too common with a DIY approach. Your water bill over time will soar, and any gains made will be lost.

To further expand upon the leaky pipe example, there will be yet more costs. A leak can damage your floors, walls, and even foundation, which will cost you thousands of dollars that could have been saved by simply hiring a competent plumber. Is it really worth it to try– and botch– a job on your own?

In almost all cases, it is smarter to hire a plumber than do it yourself. You save money in the long-run, and do not risk bodily injury. Also, you do not void any product warranties.

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