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A Water Softener vs. A Water Filtration System


Homeowners in Oklahoma City seeking to obtain a water softener or water filtration system should educate themselves on the differences between the two processes. Obtaining a thorough understanding of each system will ensure you select the optimal choice for addressing your water requirements.

A water softener system operate by removing hard water minerals and substituting them with potassium chloride and sodium chloride, more commonly referred to as salt. Homeowners looking to remove hard water minerals will find this water softener system optimal; softeners are a water treatment. It is important to remember you are introducing a form of salt to the water, therefore individuals requiring a sodium free diet should drink from a separate water source.

A water filtration system derives its name from the filtering process it performs. Although a water filtering system does not remove solids associated with hard water, it does filter out harmful products that may enter water such as pesticides and chlorine. It also optimally separates sand sediment.

Installing a high-quality water softener system provides additional benefits. Over time, a home’s plumbing and pipes are vulnerable to hard water scaling. Pipe scaling build-up occurs as minerals contained within the hard water collect throughout the waters path. Not only are pipes affected, dishes, glasses, pots and pans as well as faucet fixtures are susceptible. Mineral build-up can eventually significantly reduce the flow of water as well. A quality softener process removes pipe-scale causing minerals.

Purchasing a quality water-softening unit is important and beneficial to the life of the system. Superior units include built-in easy to use monitoring programming, which notifies the homeowner when minor adjustments to salt levels require correcting. A programmed regeneration feature allows the process to run automatically. The computerized features ensure optimal care and handling of your unit while extending the duration of your water softening system.

Although a water filtration system enhances the taste of water, softened water’s taste is equally optimal. Treated softened water requires economically fewer amounts of cleansing agents for laundry, dish-washing and showering as well. Purchasing a stellar water system provides a smart investment in the future of your home.

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