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When is Repiping Necessary


One-question homeowners in Piedmont always ask is, when should we repipe our home?. Almost in every case, the time to repipe your home is when your water pressure drops unexpectedly. Suddenly water just trickles out of you faucets, showerheads, and lawn sprinklers. And usually your washing machine takes all day to fill. Another important consideration is the soundness of all your pipes. Check them out. If they’re leaking water, or if the water is unclean with a foul smell, your pipes are full of corrosion. You ask when is repiping necessary. Now It’s time to have a licensed plumber inspect all your pipes and for you to get ready to repipe your home.

It’s important for you to have a complete inspection of all your pipes to determine how bad your problem is, and to consider your options. For example many older homes have zinc coated iron pipes or the once popular galvanized pipe. These type pipes usually wear out, get rusty, leak, and always need replacing. When you repipe your home, your plumber will replace all your pipes with the latest and safest piping materials recommended by the plumbing industry. After the inspection, and discussion about your project options, your plumber will put together a plan to give you exactly what you want.

The days of old technology are over. More than anything else, copper and PEX repiping are gaining customer approval as today’s state-of-the–art materials. PEX is a good alternative material, which performs well; it’s corrosion resistant, and affordable. However, when it comes to increasing the value of your home repiping with copper delivers a great return on your investment. The truth is copper is mined — it’s a natural product. A copper repipe increases and improves your water pressure, and provides you with clean clear water. What’s more, copper piping is relatively inexpensive, and gives your pipes long term reliability.

A professional licensed plumber will guide you through the technical side of your repiping project. In the end, however, decisions about the scope and time of the job, the piping materials, and the total cost, are yours.

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